Why the Republicans Are Smarter Than the Democrats

…Well, at least their strategists are. Why? One only has to look at the candidates for the 2008 presidential election to figure out the answer.

It’s no secret that more than 70 percent of Americans (and clearly this includes many registered Republicans) are, to say the least, “disappointed” with the current administration. Oil and food prices are up, the U.S. economy is tanked, and people are getting mighty tired of “Code Orange” propaganda with no end in sight. In fact, a poll shows many Republicans are now convinced that this administration does not represent their party beliefs at all.

With that sort of testimonial, one would have thought that a Democrat for the office of president was a shoo-in come election time. And clearly that’s what the Republican strategists thought. That’s why they handed us party candidates who were, they assumed, more than unelectable. Don’t kid yourself- they didn’t imagine for one minute that John McCain had a chance at becoming the next president. He’s arrogant, he’s got a bad temper for which he is famous, he’s sided far too many times with the most liberal Democrats in Congress, (which has made him a pariah with some of his constituents) he was one of the five senators involved in the Keating Savings and Loan corruption scandal, and even more troubling than these, he’s old and we’ve already had one senile old Republican president in office. Apart from all of that, nobody likes his wife. She smacks of ‘trophy.’ She’s far too young for him, and far too rich for most Americans. (All reasons why Vogue magazine put her, and not Michelle Obama on their cover. Vogue loves rich, blonde, ‘trade-up wife’ imperialists.)

Despite all this, John McCain will be the next United States president. Count on it and plan for it. And the reason for that is, the Democrat strategists are dumb, dumb, dumb. They are so out of touch with who Joe Average American is. They don’t know his perceptions, and they don’t consider his fears, or, for that matter, the fears of Mrs. Joe Average. And fear is what’s running American politics these days.

So when the Democrats had a chance — hell, more than a chance — the Republicans handed them this election due to the incompetence of this last eight years — did they take advantage of it? Did they run any viable candidates for the average American, including those Republicans who’ve been disenfranchised and disenchanted by the
Bush Administration?

Nope. They gave us Hillary, Edwards, and Obama. To anyone outside of the United States, these all might seem like perfectly fine candidates. But as someone who lives inside the country, I can tell you why none of them would be acceptable to Americans.

Let’s discuss Edwards first. His wife lamented that he was losing the candidacy because he “wasn’t a female or black.” Wrong. The fact that he’s white and has a penis, were two things that worked in his favor. The fact that only last election he was John Kerry’s running mate worked against him. Maybe Edwards could have eventually lost the stigma of ‘loser,’ if he’d waited a few more elections. But Kerry’s limp performance against George Bush in the debates is still fresh in the mind of most Americans. Think about it— how in hell does an intelligent man like Kerry, a veteran, for godssakes,
let a person like George Bush, who’s Daddy’s oil money kept him out of Vietnam, revile his war record? If Kerry couldn’t stand up against a smear campaign, Kerry just couldn’t run a country. And Edwards was his running mate. Too bad for Edwards. But like John Kerry, John Edwards miscalculated people’s perceptions. Edwards needed to get the taint of 2004 off of him before he ran again. So, that’s him out.

Then there was Hillary. My — weren’t Democrat women excited that a female was running for United States president? And that’s all they saw —Hillary’s sex. What they didn’t even consider was the country’s perception of Hillary herself. ‘Sex’ is the word, all right. She’s not feminine enough by the media’s criteria, but she was ‘wimpy’ enough to let Bill cheat on her. I might not agree with either of those two statements, but the average American does. Just visit chat rooms and listen to how she’s referred. ‘Sex’ is the word again – a disgusting, demeaning word for the female sex is Hillary’s nickname. How this character assassination gained legs is sad, but nonetheless, it should not, by any means, have been dismissed by Democrats. I’m not saying she shouldn’t have run for president, I’m saying there should have been damage control done the moment Bill was out of office. With most people, everything is perception. If Americans perceive they are in danger from terrorists, they will act accordingly. If they perceive Hillary as an unfeminine, immoral, but weak-willed
woman, who ignored the fact that her husband couldn’t keep it in his pants, and did so for self-aggrandizement of her own; if they perceive of her as a liar and an opportunist, whether that is the case or otherwise, well, who wants a woman like that for president? Oprah Winfrey, who is both black and female, would have had a better chance at getting the nomination than Hillary had.

If I can logic this all out, why couldn’t the Democrat strategists?

Now we have Obama remaining. And he is “young, gifted and Black.” But is he ‘Black’ enough to win? What do I mean by this? I mean, will he get the Black American vote? I doubt it. Black Americans are their own worst enemies, the worst racists, because they judge their own race by level of dark skin tone. I.e- classifications like ‘redbone,’ ‘yellowbone.’ Obama has a white parent. He was educated in a ‘snooty’ school. Does this make him unelectable to some Blacks?  Pathetically, it just might.

And what about those of us who don’t use terms like ‘redbone’ and ‘yellowbone,’ or might not even know what a ‘Melungeon’ is, and which groups among a group despise them for being who they are? Are there enough liberals among us, who, since they can’t vote in a different sex as president in this election, will at least vote in a different race, on the merit of race alone? After all, on what else can we judge Obama? He hasn’t been in politics long enough to have any kind of a track record.

Nonetheless, I’d be the first one to jump up and cheer if the ‘old boy network’ of politics were broken in this election. But, I already know I’m not going to be cheering. Because, to the average American, our ‘safety’ is at stake. Joe wants an ‘experienced’ president, a president who knows how to keep us “safe from terrorism.” Failing that, they at least want a president who’s not going to raise their taxes. At the end of the day, that’s what it will come down to — Mr, and Mrs Joe’s pocketbook. And using the same dumb strategists, Obama has already shot himself in the foot by saying he’s going to raise the taxes of the one group whose vote he desperately needs.


So, here’s my cynical prediction for the next four years. John McCain will be president. But since he is disliked by so many Republicans in Congress who never, ever thought Democrats would be stupid enough to let him get elected, he will be as ineffective a president as Jimmy Carter was when his fellow Democrats didn’t expect him to get elected, either. But in a very similar situation, Carter was elected, and Congress, in a fit of pique, made him as ineffective as they could manage. When McCain gets elected, he will have no friends in Congress. Never doubt that the first lined up to see him fail will be the Republicans in Congress, for sure. They will vote against him every time, if he even tries to get the country on a better track. Nope, the best John McCain can hope to do when he becomes our next president is keep us at war with Iraq, strut around with his pretty wife, and eventually tell his grandkids that, wouldn’t you know it, it’s impossible to believe, but, yes, he was once actually president of the United States. As if that means anything any more.

That is, if he doesn’t go senile.

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