Harlots’ Sauce Radio is proud to announce the winner of this year’s Gregory Randall Prize – Vicola England!

Congratulations to Vicola!

Below is a little bit about her:

I’m Vicola, a proud Northerner from the UK, with very little tolerance and even less patience.

I got started writing an online diary in a rather weird way. My cousin married a conman with a personality disorder, and after wreaking havoc and ‘appropriating’ a chunk of my uncle’s retirement fund, he disappeared, leaving no forwarding address, and no money for his daughter. So, my cousins and I decided to try and find him on the internet – not that hard as he had a fairly distinctive name.

Eventually we found he was keeping an online blog, it was mainly self-indulgent, fantasist crap, but what we did glean from it was that he’d suckered some other poor girl into falling for his dubious charms and she had an online diary too. She used hers more to sort of vent her feelings, which were frankly rather unstable and it got me thinking…maybe instead of shouting at people down the phone or in the office, I could write things down.

So I set up my own little diary, and away I went. Soon I realised that I could write about more than whether I was pissed off because the photocopier wasn’t working and the cash machine had eaten my card, I could also write about stuff in the news, politics, famous people, and anything else that caught that my eye. After a while I decided to move my little online diary to somewhere I could put up photos, and this new place allowed people to leave comments. I was quite surprised to learn that some people seemed to like reading about the car crash that is my life, dissections of the odd behaviour of famous people, and the fact that nothing seems to go quite how I planned it. I’ve made some lovely friends on through my writing, diverse people from all over the globe that I’d never have spoken to or learned about, if I’d not started writing online. Of course you encounter some oddballs as well, but ─ touch wood─ I’ve so far managed to avoid anyone genuinely unpleasant or ‘stalker-like’. (Actually I’m not sure whether I should be pleased or insulted that I’ve not got my own cyber-stalker) But, anyway, I’ve enjoyed my writing so far and hopefully ─ fingers crossed ─ one day I’ll actually get my finger out and write the book that I’ve been threatening to inflict on the world for such a long time. One day….

To read Vicola’s musings, go to her Harlots’ Sauce site page, or visit her personal blog

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Last 5 posts by Patricia Volonakis Davis