The Tyranny of Grammar

Free yourself from the tyranny
Of the English language.
Take arms against fascist phraseology.
Defend against the dogma of diagramming.
Grammar is oppression
Imposing conjugation
Formulating regulation
Relegating creativity to a
Subjunctive tense.
Would have, could have, should have,
But didn’t.
It forces nouns and verbs
Into an hegemony of number agreement
The Tyranny of Grammar 3.0

That I does not stand for.
So subject your subject
To whatever predicate you wish.
Be direct with each object.
Propose preposterous prepositions.
Take up a comma in one hand
And an apostrophe in the other.
Use them as scimitars of linguistic justice
To right the wrongs of writing.
Slice run-on sentences into fragments,
Cut up your predicates into participles
For no particular reason.
Perforate your punctuation.
Who is Webster to tell us
That a “prepassionate propropeller pact” isn’t
And who ordained Strunk and White
To tell us what to do?
Were they born in perfect tense?
So read the rules but write your own.
Build your words from truth, not roots.
Speling iz moor phun wen u dont kayr.
So structure your sentences
With wood and steel
Instead of dependent clauses
Because you should be dependent on no one.

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