What Liberal Bias?

Katie “Who Needs Talent When You Have Stunningly White Teeth” Couric recently was interviewing John McCain concerning his plan for Iraq, and during this interview, McCain said something that wouldn’t mean much to the average American, but to anyone with a knowledge of the timeline of the conflict in Iraq, was totally inaccurate.

In essence, McCain said that the Surge of American troops in Iraq allowed the Anbar Awakening to occur. Unfortunately for John, the Anbar Awakening had started months before the Surge had begun, and in fact, before it was even publicly proposed by the White House.

Why is this important? Well, it’s important for those who want to vote for John McCain because he’s portraying himself as the ‘old grizzled soldier’ who knows all about war, and especially, that he knows more about this war than that young whippersnapper with the unpronounceable name.

However, this gaffe shows that McCain is not as knowledgeable about the war as he claims.

It’s also important because thanks to Katie, this particular gaffe never made it on the air. Not only did Couric edit out John McCain’s inaccurate statement from the interview, she spliced in a different answer from a different part of the interview! That’s right, she completely changed the footage of the interview to keep McCain from looking ignorant.

Why would she do this? Aren’t all reporters supposed to be a bunch of liberal Democrats pretending to be unbiased? Isn’t that what the right has been screaming for the last couple of decades? Not only do we have a reporter who has shown bias to John McCain by altering the interview to make him look better, but in doing so, she’s completely violated any professional ethics she might ever have possessed by airing that altered version. Even if she’d simply edited the question out completely, she would have been guilty of bias. But to replace it with the answer to a completely different question is unconscionable.

CBS should be boycotted until Couric loses her job.

Watch the video, below:

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