The Disappeared of America

Who remembers the ones who have been lost and have not yet returned?

In Latin America, forced disappearances are done for political reasons. The disappeared ones, as they are called, or los desaparecidos. It is the political version of genocide. People thought to be politically dangerous for any reason at all ─ one night they are just gone.

In America, we have our own ‘disappeared ones.’ They do not disappear for political reasons. They aren’t targeted by the government or a group in opposition to said government. The force behind it can’t be categorized as an organization of terror, an organization of nationalism, or an organization of fundamentalism.

The force behind our nation’s ‘disappeared’ are pedophiles, and they are preying on America’s children.

Today, I heard a woman by the name of Colleen Nick speak about her daughter, Morgan, who disappeared among dozens of people at a Little League game in Alma, Arkansas, in 1996. Morgan was six

Morgan’s mother calmly spoke today about how her daughter, thirteen years ago, disappeared from her life. She also talked about how she has still not given up on finding her daughter. She talked about the false leads, the false hopes, the dead ends, and the heartache she and her family has experienced every day since Morgan’s disappearance.

The other children Morgan was playing with that day described the man who is believed to have taken Morgan. Each, to a child, described him the same.

Composite Sketch

People have told Colleen that she should give up hope. She should console herself by thinking her daughter is dead and that she’s gone on to a better place. Colleen refuses. Only 2% of missing children gone this long return home eventually. Those are odds she’s willing to take.

The children disappear. But they are not forgotten.

Morgan will be 20 years old this month. Happy birthday, Morgan. Your mother is still waiting for you.

Visit the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children to learn more.

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