Hoffart Speaks Out (While They Still Let Him)

George Bush declares that Iran is the enemy of the US, and it is. But, it’s an enemy because the United States has made it so.

Since the 60’s the US has been meddling in Iranian affairs over oil without remorse. They’ve been trying to provoke Iran to attack them but this treatment is akin to a father bashing his five-year-old with the butt of his rifle in the hopes that the kid will stand up and take a swing.

In 1988, a United States destroyer, the USS Vinchennes, shot down an Iranian civilian passenger plane flying in Iranian airspace. The commanding officers of the Vinchennes were given awards for their act, and George Bush Senior announced that the United States would never apologize for killing those civilians. This was just one attempt to make Iran attack the U.S. To this day, the US has embargoes against Iran to prevent Boeing from selling the Iranian government parts to repair its ailing fleet of passenger planes. The international community has heavily criticized the United States for this because these planes are now a danger to everyone who flies on them. In an attempt to provoke the Iranians, innocent civilians lives are at stake whenever they fly.

The U.S.’s latest tactic has been to get Israel to make passes at Iran. But when Iran declared they would defend themselves if attacked, Senator Clinton announced, in lock-step with George Bush and John McCain, that she would not hesitate to dispatch nuclear weapons against Iran.

This sort of talk is not making the citizens of the United States any safer. Every time the US government presumes to get in the business of another nation, it upsets the people of that country. It reminds me of a story I heard once from a colleague, about a group of drug-addled pipeliners who’d come across a wolverine that had been caught by his hind leg in a bear trap.  The pipeliners were poking at the wolverine with a stick and laughing every time it lunged at them and got caught up on the trap’s chain. What happens when he’s made enough to break free?

Get Iran mad enough and of course they’d fight back.

Now everyone believes that Iran is trying to build nukes to bomb the US. YOu might thinnk: why wouldn’t they, after all the abuse they’ve received thus far? Well, I’ll tell you why they wouldn’t.  Iran is currently sitting on one of the world’s largest supplies of Oil in the world and part of that oil is nationalized. Therefore, the Iranian government gets a percentage of all the Oil that comes out of the ground. This is why the US wants to overthrow the Iranian government – because then the oil companies could run unfettered in Iran and produce as much or as little oil there as they

However, Iran sells a large percentage of their Oil to India and China. If Iran were attacked, India and China would step into the fray to protect their own energy interests. Russia would join by default backing them. It would be World War III, and whoever attacked Iran would LOSE.

In short, no one can afford to go to war with Iran. And considering that Iranians have put up with so much already, I don’t think they’d make the mistake of striking out so late in the game, if their enemies quietly stepped back. These are people who don’t hate the United States for what they have, or for their lifestyle; these are people who hate the United States for what its leaders and their invasive foreign policies have done to them. If the United States re-examined these policies, then its citizens would get the safety and security they crave. And I ask those citizens to carefully examine the facts and recognize that the actions of the Bush administration these past 8 years has made you anything but.

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