Kevin Martin: Future-Killing Assh*le

Someone Needs To Photoshop this Face on a Gay Porn Star Kevin Martin the Chair of the FCC is pushing that a chunk of the wireless spectrum auction this month to have stipulations of a porn filter.

Sounds kinda nice doesn’t it? You could have an internet connection that wouldn’t have any porn on it, good for the kids, saves bandwidth for more legitimate uses, it’s win-win right?


This is restricting the internet, and it starts here with a perfectly reasonable idea — create a filter that blocks smut. But, once you’ve allowed that filter in place, then what else is it going to block? You’ll never know, will you? Because it’s f*@%! blocked! And there are a few countries that already do this, China being one of them. I’ve talked online with a fair number of Chinese, but I can’t refer them to my blog on, for example, because their big ass firewall stops them from seeing anything posted there. Imagine what we’d be missing if we weren’t able to read blogs that appear from so many parts of the world, all giving us information that does not appear in our local or even national newspapers?

The internet succeeds because it’s open to everything, and that’s as it should be. If one takes issue with something on the internet then one doesn’t have to look at it, and if one sees something illegal or immoral on the internet, one can do exactly what one would do in real life, report it to the authorities.

If you Americans hate the thought of Kevin Martin being your ‘daddy’ as much as I do, phone your state representative and make sure they know that this is crap and they should not support it. and if you know any link petitions or Facebook groups that are being organised against this, join up. Do not let the internet become as chopped as a basic cable TV guide.

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Last 5 posts by Tony Hoffart