What Were They Thinking?

Anyone care to take a punt on who the racist pictured is? Some ape-knuckled nobody with a string of convictions for football violence, and a promising career in handling stolen goods? Nope. That is one of our brand, spanking new Members of the European Parliament, Nick Griffin. He is no longer in the charming boys brigade that we all know and love, the National Front, made famous for such well- reasoned and politically astute gestures as firebombing Asian shops, starting riots in towns, putting petrol through the letterboxes of Asian families, and having swastikas tattooed on their enormous, ape-like foreheads. No, he is now the leader of the British National Party, who do exactly the same thing by using words instead of petrol bombs, wearing suits instead of ripped jeans with Doc Martens, and choosing to use a knife and fork at the table instead of just shovelling food into their mouths with both hands.

Griffin became famous for saying the holocaust was a “holo-hoax”, co-authoring a leaflet about how Jewish people were brainwashing the British (for which he received a suspended prison sentence) and claiming that men were raping women as part of an Islamic plot to take over the UK. Clearly not wise words, in fact one could claim they are the rancid ravings of an utter lunatic.

Mr Griffin said his victory in the European elections hailed a ‘Huge change in British politics’. You’re damned right there, you bigoted wanker, it’s been 60-odd years since Oswald Mosley and his black-shirted Fascists were derided in this country, and I for one thought the days of a right wing basket-weavers being given political airtime were over. Shows what I know, doesn’t it? Now the nasty little shit has been given a front row seat on the European gravy train, worth up to £395,000 a year, for a 5-year term, and whose fault is it? It’s ours, the people of the North West, because we voted them in.

I say we, I’d like to state here that I didn’t vote for them, I’d have drawn a picture of the Queen Mother on a bicycle, and blue tacked my ballot paper to the polling station wall before I’d have put my cross next to that odious little twerp’s name, but around twenty thousand people in this region thought it would be really clever to send a message to our failing government by voting not for a main party, but for a one-trick pony who knows nothing at all about the economy or domestic politics, but a lot about wanting to horsewhip Johnny Foreigner to the coastline and over the white cliffs of Dover into the sea. And by Johnny Foreigner, he does mean anyone who is foreign or anyone who is not foreign, but is not white. Good thinking people. Really well done.

It’s ironic, and not in a good way, that in the week we remembered those who died at Normandy and watched the veterans gathering for the services, we also voted in not just one, but two fascist thugs to positions of political influence. We really don’t learn, do we? So to the rest of the country, on behalf of the North West and twenty thousand complete fucking idiots, who under the old system of not allowing lunatics to vote, would probably have had their ballot papers taken off them, I have one thing to say…….”Sorry.”


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