A Breeze of Wings

Blue Damselfly by Louise Docker

Blue Damselfly by Louise Docker

by Cynthia Beecher

They switch places
To learn what the other knows

She usually leads
Her arrows ready
The gold dipped tips
Sharp and intuitive

It’s her turn to ride in back

He rides forward
Free to lead her
He can no longer say
I only went along

She never before saw his flowers turning into butterflies
Nor felt the breeze of wings
Never tasted the nectar drops carried by the flower
Shaken from the tip of the butterfly tongue

Taste my nectar
Lift my face to the sun
Warm my brown face
Heat up my ears
Wake up my dreams

There is no destination
Only you
Only me

Cynthia Helen Beecher spent nine years on the continent of Africa, beckoned there to witness original humanity. She is the author of The Rainmaker’s Dog, and has published photography, non-fiction, poetry, and short stories. She will write until all the stories are told.

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