Salvaging the Sea: Podcast Interview with Sustainable Coral Grower, Ian McMenamin

by Patricia V. Davis

I love Generation Y. They are redefining everything from how we communicate to how we overthrow governments.  And today, HS Radio interviews one Gen Y’er who is revolutionizing how we do business.

Ian McMenamin is both an entrepreneur and an environmentalist. Not too long ago, it would have been hard to imagine those two descriptions applying to the same person. Yet, Ian is a man on a mission to both save the seas and line his pockets while doing so. And though only 24 years old, he’s well on his way to doing both.


In this interview McMenamin makes no bones about his love of pretty things ─ pretty cars, pretty girls and pretty coral. But it was that last that made him realize that that which was for some an expensive hobby—the collecting of exotic corals for salt water fish tanks ─ could be potentially deadly for our seas.

Once he made this connection, it was a short leap for him to figure out how he could be the one to not only save our seas, but make money in the process. The photos below are of Ian’s workspace in Oregon and the coral he grows sustainably. His goal is to make sure that all the coral that’s being mined from the seas, and/or destroyed by mankind’s interference and nature disaster can be re-grown in his labs’ salt water beds and reintroduced into the sea.

If you’ve a curiosity as to how he plans to do that, or even if you simply want to hear how a 24-year-old capitalist spends his days, listen to this fascinating podcast with one of the most unique and dynamic individuals it’s been my pleasure to interview.

You can also learn more about Ian by visiting his websites: (which is a discussion board about coral) and (where you can order coral, fish and other salt water tank supplies.)

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