What is Harlots’ Sauce Radio?

A WORD ABOUT THIS SITE  from founder and editor-in-chief, Patricia V. Davis

Harlots’ Sauce gets its name from the Italian pasta sauce, ‘salsa puttanesca’, a tomato sauce invented by harlots in Naples, Italy, many years ago. The sauce had to be quick to fix and economical. Nonetheless, those women made something delicious out of a limited choice of ingredients.

The motto, “Something Delicious Out of Limited Choices“, is the theme of this online magazine and podcast. In today’s age, when there is so much political corruption and worldwide ill will, the aim of the writings and talks at HS Radio is to inspire, educate, and create global community.

Every month, we feature a new podcast interview on the site with a special someone who lives this motto every day of his or her life. The podcast interviews are conducted by me, and I’m honored to be able to offer these interviews alongside the written work of a team of extraordinarily talented writers, who come from various parts of the world. Their thoughtful, intelligent commentary presents different perspectives on a variety of issues. The purpose of an online magazine and podcast that allows for more than one point of view on current events is to allow our minds and our hearts to open to the people around us.

Welcome to HS Radio! We hope you enjoy the sauce!

Patricia V. Davis, Founder, Editor-in-Chief