The Ticking Clock: An Egyptian’s First Hand Account of the Protest in Tahrir Square

by Taher Medhat   In the 1946 Alfred Hitchcock film, “Notorious”, Cary Grant’s Nazi-infiltrating T.R. Devlin scours through a wine cellar belonging to the host of a party which is going on upstairs. As Grant searches for the evidence to implicate his dastardly Nazi host, the viewer is treated to a classically Hitchcockian device: The […]

Against All Odds: On Being Dragged Against My Will By My Teenage Daughter to See James Franco’s New Movie

by Lorrie Goldin Would you cut off your right arm to save your child? That’s a no-brainer. Of course you would. OK, something harder, then: Would you go watch a movie about a guy who cuts off his right arm when your 18-year-old begs you? Hmmm. Even parental self-sacrifice has its limits. “Can’t we see […]

TRUE GRIT Part Two of Into Africa: A Journal of a New Life in Uganda

by Sharon Walling No – this isn’t a movie review…but it is a moving review.  There is a strange phenomenon that I’ve experienced every single time I have eaten out in Uganda. Yes, even at 5-star restaurants at the Serena Hotel.  And that is, always, without fail, I will bite into a piece of bone, […]

You Did Not Just Say That!

by Maria Karamitsos Last year I had a miscarriage. I had the kind of miscarriage that could cause other health problems – and it did. I’m still undergoing treatment, so the wounds still run deep. There’s not been any opportunity for closure. Hopefully you will never experience the grieving process that follows losing a child. […]

Harlots Sauce March Book Reviews

All Her Father’s Guns by James Warner ISBN: 978-0984260027 Trade Paperback: 200 pages Vox Novus (January 7, 2011) 13.95 USD   reviewed by Nigel Voight   They say “don’t judge a book by its cover” and in this case that adage is indeed apt. James Warner’s All Her Father’s Guns is a cleverly-orchestrated story of […]

The Broccoli Dance

By Susanna Solomon Photo by Lydia Selk   When my daughter and her young children moved in a few months ago, I was none too pleased. Third house guests in less than a year. Nine months before I’d housed my stepdaughter, which didn’t work out too well, and after that my son moved in, and […]

Where Stories Are Found: in the oddest places

by Deborah Grabien photo: ‘Massage Therapist’ by Lydia Selk   A few months ago, literally five minutes walk from my home in San Francisco, someone opened a cheap massage place. For me, as a writer with multiple sclerosis, that’s a gift from the cosmos. I spend long hours at the computer, I have a neurological […]

At the Threshold

by Christine Falcone   There is a certain element of forgetting involved in being human.  Just to be able to function everyday, we must somehow overlook the fact that, as an example, we’re all going to die.  It’s this particular type of amnesia that I pray for every morning when I open my eyes, and […]

The Real Me

  by James Hancock It was on a bright, starry night that the traveling circus rolled into town. From my vantage point on a bar stool across the street, I could see everything, as the tired little caravan straggled into the vacant lot next to City Hall. I had just left the tattoo parlor after […]

The Sleeper

by Benjamin Russack “Just make sure she doesn’t fuck anybody.”  Tai worked the teeth of a comb across his fingers. “Alright?” I listened to the uneven tick of the plastic tines. Better than anyone else, I knew why Tai was nervous. Nineteen, fierce, brunette Joyce often took breakfast with no one but herself, at a […]