Poverty and Politics

There are more people receiving food stamps and other government benefits associated with poverty than ever before.  The amount of children being raised in poverty is rising, from 17% of children in 2006 to over 22% today.  That may seem like only an incremental rise, but at this rate it may only be a few […]

On The ‘Ground Zero’ Mosque (a must-read for every American)

by Lindsey Kay “I am a man with no country,” he said.  “My Muslim brothers hate me because I have grown Western, but the West hates me because my brothers are Muslim.” This one man is not alone in his plight.  Across the United States, millions of Muslims find themselves walking the tightrope between embracing […]

Christians Disappointed in Jennifer Knapp

by Lindsey Kay Jennifer Knapp is a lesbian. That probably doesn’t mean much to a lot of people who weren’t following contemporary Christian music in the mid-nineties. Yet there is a subset of people for whom this news is important. They seem to have already (in the short few weeks since the news became public) […]

What Would Jesus Really Do?

When looking at how Christians ought to behave there is no greater example than the Man they follow. To demonstrate this point, I’ll talk about a few different groups of people who are often marginalized: 1. The ‘Punks’, the ‘Goths’, and others scattered subcultures on the edge of mainstream society: Whether it’s the guy getting […]

What Marriage is and Isn’t

It’s interesting to listen to couples in the first blush of love talk about what they want from their relationships. They say things like, “Wouldn’t it be great to be together all the time?” or, “I just feel like I’m dying when we’re not touching”. I would hope that after ten years of marriage, (currently […]

I'm Not Gay

Editors’ Note: Our ‘Humane Religion’ columnist, Lindsey Kay, felt compelled to write this article due to the backlash she has received over her recently-released book, Honest Conversations, which deals with her Christian church’s stance on homosexuality, and has stirred up quite a storm amongst some Christians. We have printed a reader review of Lindsey’s book […]

Of Sin and Holiness

How is a Christian to deal with sin? This is a topic that seems to turn up over and again, constantly being pushed to the background in exasperation, and then shoved back into the foreground, as prominent Christians inevitably fall and have to be “dealt with”. How Christians compromise with sin then becomes the way […]

Sarah Palin: A Christian Woman Questions a Christian Woman

I’m conflicted. One part of me says, “Sarah Palin’s personal life doesn’t matter. At all.” Yet, another part of me says, “but one of the best ways to judge a person is how they interact with their family, so it does matter.” And then a third part of me says, “Still, all that matters as […]

Is God in Control?

Many Christians have experienced tough times. Perhaps they’ve just been diagnosed with a chronic illness, or a family member is dying, or they’ve suddenly lost a job, or are feeling like their life is in limbo, or whatever else; when another well-meaning Christian puts a hand on their shoulder and says with conviction, “Take heart. […]

What if I Were Gay?

I had a close friend, once, who was a lesbian. She confessed to me that she really liked me, she hinted at the fact that I’d never had a lasting relationship with a guy, and reminded me that she and I had once shared a very platonic kiss on a dare.  There was this unasked […]