Rebel Like an Egyptian: How Youth, Facebook, and Apple Inc. Toppled a Regime

Youthful civil disobedience will never be the same again. Thanks to their superior knowledge of modern technology, it will conquer. Think of it as the Ice Age Theory as opposed to the sudden Meteor Theory; a freeze which slowly but inevitably prevailed over the unsuspecting and unprepared Tyrannosaurus Rex. Used to being a force of terror, drunk on its own power, Mr. T. Rex just didn’t notice how chilly it was getting. Today, we are the dinosaurs compared to those who not only simply utilize the convenience and entertainment value of Skype, Facebook, Twitter, and iPhone, but know how they work. On this premise, governments will rise or fall, revolutions will succeed or fail, based on the skills of either side’s best hackers.

Harlots Sauce December Book Reviews

Mamalita: An Adoption Memoir by Jessica O’Dwyer Seal Press (November 2010) ISBN: 978-1-58005-334-1 Trade Paperback 312 pages $16.95 reviewed by Jo O’Neil In the past fifteen years Americans have adopted more than 200, 000 children from overseas. Anyone who’s thinking of adopting a child from a foreign country must ─ not should ─put Jessica O‘Dwyer’s […]

Podcast Interview with Memoirists, Cathy Edgett and Jessica O’Dwyer: A Catastrophe…or a Calling?

by Patricia V. Davis So…things are going along fairly well, until your gynecologist tells you that, at age 32, you’re in early menopause.  That’s what happened to Jessica O’Dwyer. Things were going along fairly well in Cathy Edgett’s life, too, until, at age 55, she was told that she had breast cancer and that it […]

Catching Up with Some of Our Previous Podcast Interviewees

by Patricia Volonakis Davis ___ Harlots’ Sauce Radio has had the honor of interviewing some of the most dynamic movers and shakers of the century. These people never rest on their laurels. Here are some of the wonderful new things a number of our podcast interviewees have been up to: ___ If you recall in […]

“A Voice for the Arts” an interview with Barry C. Hessenius, author, public speaker and advocate

(Sigh) One of the things I think about sometimes is whether or not, at the end of my life, I’ll feel I’d done all I should have to make the world a better place, (or at least, my little corner of it,) and if I’d lived my life as fully as I could have. Barry […]