A Girl, a Boy, and a Fountain

by Patricia V. Davis The spring I turned twenty-two, I was desperately trying to recover from a ravaging love affair that had changed me from a girl who was somewhat confident for her age and mostly happy, to one who was completely demoralized. It was not only the relationship itself, but the reactions to the […]

Podcast Interview with James Redford: “I Ask Myself ─ Even if Nothing Comes of It, Will it Enrich My Life by My Having Spent Time on It?’”

UPDATE ON James Redford Screening of MANN vs. FORD Wednesday, July 6, 7:00 p.m. at The Christopher B. Smith Rafael Film Center Director Maro Chermayeff and producer James Redford will introduce and discuss a screening of their powerful new documentary Mann v. Ford, focusing on one of the largest toxic-waste cases in American history. Just […]

Podcast Interview with author Scott James: “People Don’t Want the Government in their Bedrooms”

One of the best things about living in the Bay Area of San Francisco is that I get to meet and mingle with some of the most talented artists in the world: Amy Tan standing six feet away from me, singing “These Boots are Made for Walking” with the band, Los Train Wreck, as I […]

Catching Up with Some of Our Previous Podcast Interviewees

Harlots’ Sauce Radio has had the honor of interviewing some of the most dynamic movers and shakers of the century. These people never rest on their laurels. Here are some of the wonderful new things a number of our podcast interviewees have been up to: If you recall in her podcast interview in July 2009, […]

Podcast Interview with Michael Larsen & Elizabeth Pomada

San Francisco Writers Conference February 2012 __ It’s that time of the year again – when San Francisco, CA., hosts one of the best writers conferences in the industry- The San Francisco Writers Conference. It will be held in the beautiful Mark Hopkins Hotel with a fabulous line up of exciting guest speakers and three […]

Menopause and Melanin

A Scientific Exposition/Rebuttal by Dr. James Dewey Watson, Nobel Prize Winner 1962, Physiology or Medicine (A Satire) Ladies and Gentlemen, Esteemed Colleagues, Students of Genetics and Medicine: As many of you already know, I received the Nobel Prize for my co-discovery of the structure of DNA. I’ve been the chancellor at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory […]

Podcast Interview with Neil deGrasse Tyson: “We are Living in a Time of Scientific Illiteracy”

Like a number of other wonders now in my life, I came late to appreciating the importance of scientific knowledge for the common person. In high school, my lack of such was stupendously appalling. In 1970, when I was a freshman, I had a crush on a boy who came to class one day in […]

Harlots’ Sauce Radio is proud to announce the winner of this year’s Gregory Randall Prize – Vicola England!

Congratulations to Vicola! Below is a little bit about her: I’m Vicola, a proud Northerner from the UK, with very little tolerance and even less patience. I got started writing an online diary in a rather weird way. My cousin married a conman with a personality disorder, and after wreaking havoc and ‘appropriating’ a chunk […]

Podcast Interview with Joyce Maynard: “I Don’t Have to be The Good Girl Anymore”

  Joyce Maynard has a big mouth. It’s either that, or she has too much integrity to lie about anything, despite the fact that telling the truth often gets her into trouble. When you hear our podcast interview, you decide which it is. I first met Joyce Maynard when I signed up for one of […]

How to Tell if You’re in Menopause

For many women, the cessation of the monthly flow is often not enough to tell for sure whether they’ve reached that “time of life” or not. That’s why I, using the knowledge I’ve gained from obtaining my DFR (Doctorate in Failed Relationships), have provided you with this scientific checklist. You will know you are in […]