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“We had nothing in common that didn’t matter and everything in common that did. What mattered to us all were our families and friends, our integrity, our environment, our quests to be creative, industrious and useful.” – from Harlot’s Sauce: A Memoir of Food, Family, Love, Loss and Greece

The writers at Harlots’ Sauce Radio are one example of the positive aspects of globalization. We have never met. We live in different cities and countries. We are different ages and speak different languages. Yet, we have bonded over a love of the earth and the drive to have a positive effect on mankind.

Staff at HS Radio

Patricia V.  Davis ~ Editor-in-Chief

Senior Editors: Jo O’Neil, Nigel Voight

Consultants: Ralph Epstein, Jane Hunter, Linda Lee, J. J. Oliver, Margot Van Riper

Technological Support: Amber Burke, Chio Chung, Tony Hoffart, Ilias Kountoupis, Linda Lee,

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Staff Writers at HS Radio

Grace Bon

Paxton Daryl Branson

Con Carlyon

Vicola England

Tom Hames

Tony Hoffart

Lindsey Kay

Linda Lee

Ilias Kountoupis

Miranda Krebbs

George Louris

Peter McCarthy

Ann Minard

Lydia Selk

Andrew Skaggs

Kirk Starr

Charlotte Steggs

Natasha J. Stillman

Hannah Whitman


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