“You’re Never Too Old to Live” An Interview With Kay Andreas Kostopoulos

I left Kay Andreas after our interview for this month’s podcast feeling the way you might when a delivery of flowers shows up unexpectedly and the card is written out to you ─ surprised, delighted, and rather special.

It’s hard to explain why talking with Kay made me feel all these things, but that’s part of her charm. Another part of Kay’s appeal is her very evident enthusiasm for simply being alive, something that most people never think about. Nothing prevents this delightful human being from doing the things she wants to do ─ tragedy, professional setbacks, family issues, worries about finances, time constraints, age, or any number of other excuses we all make from time to time, for not being all we wish to be.

That Kay does “all she wants, when she wants,” by no means makes her one of those ‘determined, pushy woman’ stereotypes. On the contrary, she is at once relaxed and soothing, bubbly and vibrant. She doesn’t come across as though she’s working very hard to make her life happen, she comes across as though it just happens, and that she is enchanted, yet somehow not at all surprised, by that magical fact.

And Kay is enchanted for sure ─ by the people who come into her life, by her family, by her work at Stanford University where she teaches, and by her discovery, eight years ago at the age of fifty, that she has a three-octave singing voice to knock the collective socks off her audiences’ feet.

Upon that discovery, many of us might have said, “Too bad I’m too old to do anything about it.”

But not Kay. No, at fifty years young, she embarked upon a singing career. It was tough, but we are ever so glad she did. Because not only is Kay’s voice glorious, but by her decision to let us all hear her perform, she becomes a testament to the fact that it’s never too late to follow our dreams.

Listen to Kay’s podcast, and then enjoy watching her sing. And if you write about your dream, or your most thought-provoking comment about Kay’s interview at the end of this article, and leave us your email address, you could win one of Kay’s CDs.

For those of you who are in the Bay Area of California:

Kay will be performing in a Valentine’s Cabaret and Dance with her band, Black Olive Jazz, featuring Kay on vocals, Larry Vuckovich on piano, and the Eurotrash Latin & Swing Band, to celebrate the launch of her newest CD, Blue Valentine.

SATURDAY, February 14th, 2008,
7:30 – 10:30pm
All Saint’s Episcopal Church
555 Waverly Street, Palo Alto, CA 94301
advance tickets: $18.50
at the door: $25.00

More information on the website: www.blackolivejazz.com


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