Either You’re In or You’re In the Way: Podcast Interview with Logan and Noah Miller

Logan and Noah Miller


I don’t know why I’m so smitten with the independent filmmakers, Noah and Logan Miller.

Maybe it’s because they finish each other’s sentences and often speak in stereo.  Maybe it’s because when they refer to each other as ‘Bro’, as in, “Bro said …”

Or, maybe it’s because they’re identical twins, like my own twin stepsons, and that, also like my twin stepsons, the only way one can tell them apart is that one has a ‘beauty spot’ on his left cheek. (That would be Logan.)

Or it could be because, just to be kind to a middle-aged lady who works out at their gym, (that would be me) they graciously accepted an invitation to dinner at which they raved about my cooking. They also listened enthusiastically to all my husband’s poker and baseball stories, which he liked so much that now, when I mention something that “the twins” did, he asks, “Which ones ─ ours, or the Millers?”

Or perhaps it’s because, despite their fabulous accomplishments, such as their award-winning film Touching Home, and their upcoming book, they remain the same caring, kind, and down-to-earth young gentlemen they’ve always been.

Probably all of those things play a part. But mostly, I think it’s because of their personal story. You see, Noah and Logan turned what could have easily been a life-draining, personal tragedy into a triumph. Their dad died in prison, a homeless alcoholic. Nonetheless, they loved him so much that they made a vow to turn his story and theirs into a film, and to do it within one year. And they kept that vow. With no connections in Hollywood, no family money, in one year, they managed to obtain backing, produce, direct, act in, and even get Ed Harris and Robert Forster to star in their film. The details of how they accomplished this are all outlined in their book, Either You’re In, or You’re In the Way, which hits the bookshops and online retailers on April 28. (With the book’s launch at Book Passage in Corte Madera.)

For this month’s podcast, I had the honor and pleasure to talk to Logan and Noah about all of the above and more, and it was one of the most uplifting and motivating conversations I’ve had yet.

Listen, and be amazed, moved and inspired.

For those who live in the area, I also encourage you to attend the Miller Brothers BOOKSTOCK 2009, which takes place on June 6, at Giants Stadium in San Francisco. Bookstock is a summer celebration of the arts for the entire family. Attendees will enjoy an evening of live music provided by top Bay Area bands, an art show featuring over 25 renowned artists, and an advanced screening of their film Touching Home.

For more information on The Miller Brothers and their work, visit the following online sites:

Facebook Event Page
Facebook Fan Page
Touching Home Movie Official Site

To buy their book Either You’re In or You’re In the Way please click here


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